Monday, March 12, 2012

Expired warranty? no problem.. Ectopia lentis on BEN-Q is a piece of cake..

For any traveler, a camera is a must because it can captures moment and scenery throughout the journey. However, when it become faulty during traveling, then it is no longer serve it purpose. This happen to my 5 year old BEN-Q when its lens system displaced thus disrupt perfect alignment of ray that suppose to fall precisely on photosensitive plate. It cause excessive refraction producing magenta image field and intermittent lines and blackout. Initially minimal, the lens displacement getting worse causing half of the field unable to register any image. This sort of problem commonly occur in aged digital camera with multifocusing ability possibly due to wear and tear process within the fixation. With warranty, the manufacturer might replace the product with a new one, however, since my BEN-Q already pass its wisdom age, this not going to happen. Resolution: open and DIY repair.

Line and colour alteration due to displaced lens
Half of the field affected
 Inside view from behind

Back casing is removed along with LCD monitor which connected to motherboard via single pull-out strap wire. Too many delicate structure, every dismantling process done carefully to avoid scratch to the circuit board
Front view after the front casing removed 
Front casing removed to expose lens system, the xenon flash and kapasitor for flash initiation. The lens system made up of three physical lens and surrounding strap wire for optical zoom. The loosen middle lens is fixed with silicon glue and air dried before reassembly
Frequently switch on/of  during reassembly to ensure correct lens alignment

My 5 year old BEN-Q ready to shoot...
It takes me four hour to open and gain access to the lens system and another half an hour to fix the delicate lens system. After nearly five hour altogether, my BEN-Q function normally. 

AFTER-DIY lens repair..not bad..

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