Monday, March 12, 2012

Expired warranty? no problem.. Ectopia lentis on BEN-Q is a piece of cake..

For any traveler, a camera is a must because it can captures moment and scenery throughout the journey. However, when it become faulty during traveling, then it is no longer serve it purpose. This happen to my 5 year old BEN-Q when its lens system displaced thus disrupt perfect alignment of ray that suppose to fall precisely on photosensitive plate. It cause excessive refraction producing magenta image field and intermittent lines and blackout. Initially minimal, the lens displacement getting worse causing half of the field unable to register any image. This sort of problem commonly occur in aged digital camera with multifocusing ability possibly due to wear and tear process within the fixation. With warranty, the manufacturer might replace the product with a new one, however, since my BEN-Q already pass its wisdom age, this not going to happen. Resolution: open and DIY repair.

Line and colour alteration due to displaced lens
Half of the field affected
 Inside view from behind

Back casing is removed along with LCD monitor which connected to motherboard via single pull-out strap wire. Too many delicate structure, every dismantling process done carefully to avoid scratch to the circuit board
Front view after the front casing removed 
Front casing removed to expose lens system, the xenon flash and kapasitor for flash initiation. The lens system made up of three physical lens and surrounding strap wire for optical zoom. The loosen middle lens is fixed with silicon glue and air dried before reassembly
Frequently switch on/of  during reassembly to ensure correct lens alignment

My 5 year old BEN-Q ready to shoot...
It takes me four hour to open and gain access to the lens system and another half an hour to fix the delicate lens system. After nearly five hour altogether, my BEN-Q function normally. 

AFTER-DIY lens repair..not bad..

Friday, February 24, 2012

Stridor, choking?? My asipre did know how to complain...

Dust occupying the exit of ventilation system
These past few days, my dearest Aspire 4920g started to have fever whenever I let it run for couple of hour. Actually, the problem started long time ago but these few days, the heat from the base of it become noticeable until my Tea 'O peng' become a lukewarm tea O when I left it long enough which will take about one an half hour. Not only high grade fever, it also developed intermittent stridor - noisy rotating ventilation fan that can be heard from four to five feet away. The undulating sound very annoying especially when I want to type my report or surfing in peaceful, quiet environment. 

After thoroughly investigate, finally I come to conclusion that I have to do open "laparotomy" and obtained a direct visualization. After the back is entered layer by there is mechanical obstruction at the exit of air ventilation system. My diagnosis: Airway Obstruction secondary to dust bolus. After removal of the dust bolus, my Aspire return back to normal, symptoms disappear but unfortunately, Aspire, I won't give you a sick leave because I need you to operate immediately....ha..ha..ha.... 
Successfully retrieved. 
Specimen send entirely in one block containing
 heterogenous material measuring in aggregate of 4cm.  
Microscopically, compose of dust particle. 
Histopathology diagnosis: Mixed type dust bolus

P/s: Pyrexia associated with stridor is indeed an emergency. Do not delay treatment.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How long is your holiday?

Interior of longhouse, a "ruai" that soon only a memory
 Last Eid-ul Ahda, although I wasn't celebrating but I did enjoy brief "holiday" that it granted in our almost holiday-less medical school training. I went back hometown which is in Betong to which my last footsteps trod there was in June. Such a lovely place, serene environment and for sure a great gate way from the crashing and knocking and drilling sound of the city. When I mentioned crashing, knocking and drilling sound, I really mean it as our neighbor currently doing their major house renovation and the sounds is inescapable.Outside city outer limit by 3 somethings in the Friday afternoon, it gave me much relieve and started from there, my focus through out that 4++ hour of land traveling was arriving safely and sound. My uncle drive well despite heavy downpour and limited visibility and we did arrive in Betong on time but due to unforeseeable circumstances, my grandmother wasn't at home. Thus we stranded. It was almost midnight that we finally were able to tuck in our warm mattresses and enjoy deep slumber devoid of city sound and never ending rustling of the street. 

New longhouse in red while old in blue-by Nicarlos
Out of habit, I woke up early, around six in the Saturday morning. At this hour, crowing of roosters long passed but chirping of birds still greeted me in contrary of cars engine in the city. Bath is the first thing I will do if in the city but here, I have to think twice. Its too cold even to dip your hand and showering with pipe water, figuratively speaking for sure will develop hypothermic shock. So I postponed it for a while until more favorable condition was met. Then off with breakfast, off with bath and after that, nothing much to do so I went outside to have several chat with members of the longhouse. This is where the question arise. "How long is your holiday"? Started from there onwards, I had repeated myself to answer the same question with this "...not really holiday but just a weekend gateway because Monday I public holiday...." that progressively shorten until became "..just weekend gateway.." Answering it repeatedly make me realize that my final year barely have holiday.. if I count it correctly, I only have four long streak of holidays which were one week during Gawai celebration, one week during Eid-ul Fitr, one week for upcoming Chinese New Year and more or less one month for study leave before final professional examination. So what do you think?? Welcome to my final year's life. 

My grandmother, despite in 70s but still strong & healthy
Revert back to my original story. Remaining of the day was uneventful except few meaningful chat here and there. However, the evening was enjoyable as I spent it with my cousins. We went to nearby newly established fun fair where Sima, a renown Iban singer will perform. As it was in walking distance from our long house,  most of the able members(saved the old with joint problems and socially withdrawn) went and see her performed including my grandmother who is in her 70s. After that, my cousins and I went to Hajijah Cafe which located next to paddy field by the road side on the way to town. Ordered some drinks, chit chat which topic so random with lots of circumstantiality. We call it off almost midnight and went back to our longhouse. Sunday was uneventful. After settled some issue regarding progress of new long house, we started to pack and heading back to Kuching. Even though weekend in Betong was brief, however, I value it very much as it will be among the last drop of memory that I made while still in "old, wooden long house." By the end of this year, we will moves to new, concrete based long house and the old one will be demolished leaving only memories and photos for us to remember.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Malaysia Vs Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)...another anticipated match..

Into the second half of the match, I found it rather interesting as every now and the, shouting and yelling can be heard when Malaysian's footballers within meters and within seconds to score another goal. With twelve minutes to go, Malaysian still in leading position, with 2 to 1.
Malaysian defender that scores second goal at minutes 54

Malaysian's first score was at 28 minutes into the first half of the game, scored by Safiq Rahim. I admitted that it was a spectacular shot, kicked from outside of the penalty box. Second half showed another tier of tactics and strategies as both teams seem to be a good rival to each other. This culminated with Taiwan tried to get even after Aidil Zafuan, a defender who happen to be at the right position at the right moment scored second goal for Malaysia. This happen at 54 minutes into game and finally at minutes 76, Taiwan scored their first goal of the match as Malaysian's defenders were far into midfield, not yet returned to their defensive position following preceding attempt to grab another score. Despite further attempts by each teams, there was no additional score obtained.

At the end, when referee blow his whistle after an allowance of extra five minutes, it was thunderous roar from Malaysian's fan as the end result remained 2-1, thus Malaysian wins the game. 

Second leg of the game, played in Taipei Municipal Stadium witnessed another fast and well planned strategies by Malaysian's team. Literally stuck at the screen, I found that the team had done their best where series of attacks were fruitful and number of counterattacks turned down. 

Aidil Zafuan after scored the first goal for Malaysian's team

Syafiq Ibrahim with team mates after scored second goal in second leg
Out of those save, none other than an epic saved by Malysian's goalkeeper, Sharbinee Alawi at minutes 61 in which he saved the second penalty kick from Taiwanese Chen Po Lian. Even though  unable to win the match with Malaysia 2, Taiwan 3, however Malaysian's team was able to move to second round of the qualifying tournament as they scored most goals as an away team despite an even aggregate.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Five years that going to an end...

Five years in medical school is not a short period of time as it is an opportunity cost that one had to bear in exchange for a MD title. At some point in early year of my medical student life,  I lamented  about this long duration of study which for the same period of time, I could have establish a well paid carrier and have children by the age of 25. That if and only if MD is not my choice....
Curriculum wise, lots of people claimed medical training is a tough option. For the admission part, it is an unanimous saying that academical requirement to enter into medical school surpasses the other. This is particularly true for public medical school in Malaysia which selection depend heavily on performance rather than wealthiness to pay generous amount of fee as in private counterparts. Even if you are selected few such as myself, it is not a guarantee that you can maintain your position and succeeded in time frame of five years. It is not a happy memory when friends that you gained along the course of your study have to be left behind because of inability to achieve standard that allow them to proceed with you. Sometimes, I was wondering is it our failure as a friend that those things happen to our dearest friends??....
For the teaching aspect, I do not know how much we differ from other medical schools because we use the same teaching materials such as Bailey & Love, Kumar & Clarke, Sunflower, Ten Teachers, Appley's...different maybe from our approach but hey...different is what make us unique. Even though the teaching is far below the par of notable oversea medical schools, however, being in local public medical school, I found that the teachings are designed such that when we are practising in a year to come, we are more familiar with our endemic illness, thus I bet "common is common" is the most remembered magic words when giving list of differential diagnosis.
Hmn....through out this five years of medical training, various events, filled with joy and laughter and sorrow and tears pop up around the course of the way. It is along this course that friendship is gained and valued. Simple journey to what medical school look like is none better then what ZdoggMD have said in his video....
After years of medical training, the prospect that it will come to an end in less than a year time seem to be unbelievable. Mixed emotions soar high in the sky...and I cross my finger that in a year to come, medical school is just another memory that significantly change my life....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monotonous Rhymes?? Dynamic is more likeable...

Frankly speaking, I hate nursery rhymes when I was in kindergarten. 
They were monotonous. But after viewing video clip of British Got Talent by
Edward Reid for his 2011 debut, then I know that it was the kindergarten 
instructor that made that ryhmes unlikeable. If and only if they can sing 
it as how Edward sang it, I bet that my kindergarten year will be interesting.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

First exam of the year..

Picture scanned from my HP books collection...when Harry in his year 5 of magical education..
Emotion soars high in the sky...Why?? For someone who lamented  on long duration of completing his medical degree, being in final year is another boost that for sure drive him to cope with remaining months. 

That what happen to me today. Even though it was already a week into final year, but I can't really feel it as my daily routine almost as same as when I was in fourth year except that I am a bit an early bird for this past one week. However, today change my perspective as when I was in exam hall, filled my details in answer sheet, I proudly wrote and circled year 5... without the exam, maybe I was still in my comfortable shell and pretend  that my final year gonna be like year 4. But no. I can't take my final year as lightly as that because it mean a lot to me after years of struggling and enduring high and low of a journey. 

From that brief moment, few things crept into my mind that need grave attention. I need to be more serious in my study..(hopefully), more organise which will make things run smoothly, hardworking in an acceptable manner(How??), and act as a responsible grownup. Maybe I need some assistance that hopefully will popped up along the way... 

P/s: I think I should follow first two verses of song's lyric by Clemence Joy: Antara Dua..